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President Oration

Since founded in 1995, YCC has persistently abided by the principle of “creating the premiere brand of high-quality zippers in the global zipper industry, and becoming the premiere choice for demanding brands and factories.”

The excellence of the YCC brand is the basis of obtaining trust from our customers, and corporate responsibility is a core part of our business.We focus on customer needs, concentrate on every small detail and pay undivided attention to the details of each zipper in our production.

As our management team continues to upgrade, and achieve the global MNC standard, YCC is striving to become the prime choice for apparel brands and factories worldwide, while being a responsible corporate citizen.

Established in 1995 with headquarters in Shanghai, YCC is aggressively expanding worldwide, and now has been one of the largest and the fastest growing zipper manufacturers in the world.

YCC has a unique advantage in the market with its leadership team. With professional global sales and marketing team, and one of China’s most successful entrepreneurs as chairman, YCC has a unique balance of eastern and western style skills, leading the company’s global growth.

YCC leadership realizes that the apparel world needs a quality alternative global supplier of zip fasteners, and is continuing to redefine and lead the industry.

Being a modern state-of-the-art manufacturer, YCC is using and creating some of the most high-tech manufacturing methods in the industry. In addition to expanding new manufacturing plants to global markets where apparel is made, YCC is also continuing to expand its global presence with sales and support offices around the world to meet its customers’ demands.

  • Major Historic Events
  • Corporate Culture

Located in Shanghai, YCC Brand was created by Jianshe Hong in 1995. With 20 years’ expanding and the building of offices around the world, YCC has shaped its culture of special characteristics and become one of the Top Ten Famous Zipper Brands in China, applicable to various usages including household goods, outdoor and sports apparel and bags. Many international famous apparel brands have chosen YCC as their suppliers because of convenient service and superior quality provided by YCC.

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In 1995, YCC Zippers was founded by Mr. Hong in Shanghai.

In 1998, YCC corporation management was certified by ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System via Britain UKAS and YCC products won the gold medals awarded by International Fair, China-Japan International Garments & Accessories Trade Expo and China-Japan Quality Construction Top One Hundred Enterprises.

In 2000, YCC built a large factory in Nanhui Industrial Park in Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

In 2002, Achieved “YCC” trademark and YCC zippers was honored with the title of Chinese High-Quality Products by French Science and Technology Quality Supervision and Assessment Committee.

In 2004, YCC Group was established in Hong Kong.

In 2005, YCC zippers were honored with the title of “China Top Ten Famous Zipper Brands” by Chinese Hardware Products Association, valid from 2005 to 2013.

In 2006, YCC opened its first overseas sales office in Bangladesh and established domestic sales offices in Qingdao and Hangzhou.

In 2007, YCC zippers were accredited with the Europe Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification. YCC Ningbo sales office was also established.

In 2008, YCC set up sales offices in USA, Indonesia and United Kingdom. YCC sales offices in Zhang Jiagang, Jinjiang East Dragon and Nanjing East Dragon were also founded.

In 2009, YCC zippers established sales office in India.

In 2012, YCC zippers established in-house chemical lab to control heavy metal content in products.

In 2013, YCC achieved the honorary title of “China Top Ten Famous Zipper Brands” awarded by Chinese Hardware Products Association, valid from 2013-2017.

In 2014, YCC was named as Enterprises of Outstanding Contributions by Chinese Hardware Products Association.

“YCC, Your Correct Choice” indicates the confidence of YCC in its products quality and customer service, which are the results of company philosophy “United with one heart and one mind” cultivated since its foundation.

“United with one heart and one mind” contains two aspects. Firstly, it indicates that not only all YCC staffs but also our clients are united with one mind, which will ensure better quality and service. Secondly, YCC keeps its business development in step with social responsibility and environmental protection by taking role in a wide range of social services, and applying eco-friendly technology into its production.

All YCC employees will apply the company philosophy “United with one heart and one mind” in daily production and service to display the core spirit of YCC “Your Correct Choice”.

Management System

An advanced team builds up an advanced enterprise. And a talent team with visionary ideas and cohesive force ensures the company’s continuous development. Led by the chairman with rich experience in manufacture field, YCC management team has been making conscious efforts to keep the group developing significantly.

Among all the departments, marketing and sales department is to create great images in customers' mind and achieve their trust. The production team is responsible for getting detailed requirements of customers from sales team to make continuous improvement and invent new products going with the apparel trends; besides, the QC manager is to make strict quality control on production. The administration system is to ensure an excellent working and living environment for its staffs, striving to build a first-class corporate culture up to international standard.

YCC Benefits

1.Job offer for the disabled
In 2008, YCC submitted application and was authorized as a welfare corporation. Since then, more than 300 job positions have been offered to the disabled person. In addition, they can get living subsidies during festivals. To help the disabled is the responsibility to all enterprises. YCC will make continuous efforts to carry out this obligation.

2.Culture Activities
YCC is convinced that a company cannot achieve a sustainable development unless its employees are leading a happy and harmonious life. Various cultural activities enrich employee’s life. Should be a member of YCC, you always have an opportunity to take participate in a series of activities such as basketball match, tug-of-war, good voice contest etc. to bring your talents to full play.

Since its foundation, YCC has been always taking the responsibility to promote the development of zipper manufacturing through innovation, so as to strive to be a leader in zipper-making field and shape itself into a national brand. Meanwhile, YCC has also been dedicated to actively joining the social service and public charity events so as to requite the society. In 2007, YCC sponsored the Special Olympic Games. And it has also made timely donation to tide over the people in earthquake-stricken area during Wenchuan earthquake happened in May 12, 2008; the total donation amount is 1.37 million both in cash and supplies.

Customer Service

YCC Zippers have been preference for many famous apparel brands. The mainly brand customers are located in Europe and North America. To better serve our customers, we have opened offices both in home and abroad.

Domestic Offices:
Hong Kong, Guangdong, Fujian, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Nantong, Zhengzhou, Shandong, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Beijing, Dalian, etc.

Overseas Offices
Offices in USA, UK, India, and Bangladesh have been established. And the expansions of new offices in other countries are in our plan.

Centre of Excellence (COE Department)
Specially, we have set up COE team centralized in Shanghai HQ to implement brand activity.

Green YCC

It's our firm belief that all successes are to be in harmony with social and environmental stability. This explains why we always pay full attention to the well-being of our customers and employees via environmental protections, any safety at workplace, waste reduction scheme and the minimizing for any unnecessary consumption of natural resources.

Thanks to our determination and action for environmental protection, we have achieved a booming business with a sustainable method. To strengthen and make even greater accomplishment in trade, we are committed to a wide variety of eco-friendly practices and below solutions as better:

1.Comply with CPSIA&REACH requirements.
2.Invent green products like recycling zippers.
3.Build water sewage and drainage systems in all YCC factories to avoid water pollution.
4.Have been making preparations to participate in ISO14001—the leading standard in environmental protection.


2. What are major factors leading to color difference?

1) Different fabric samples of the same color like floss, reflective fabric, blended fabric and ultra-thin fabric will make a different color impression on inspector, thus causing color difference between fabric samples and dying samples.

2) Different sizes of fabric samples will reflect different color hue. Generally, the bigger the size, the more accurate the color is. So YCC requires fabric samples from customers should not be smaller than 2 square centimeters.

3) Different fabrics show different absorbility in dye stuffs. Therefore, some lab dips cannot reach the same brightness as that of fabric samples.

4) Color impression will be different on inspector will change if the tape is put under another kind of light, in a different environment or inspected by another person. YCC does color matching under light D65 and requires its CMC is not less than 1.2.

5) For waterproof zippers, there will be small difference between tape color and the color of waterproof tape (tape posted waterproof membrane). But we need to clarify that we take the color of tape without posting waterproof membrane as standard.

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